Dear Dog Fan!

Welcome to Bountyland Golden Retriever Kennel’s website!

We have been waited for more than ten years to have a dog. We wanted a calm, good natured, easy to train dog so we had no doubt that the golden retriever is the perfect choice for us. Our life has changed in December 2010 when we visited the Happiness Bringer Golden Retriever Kennel and chose Bounty. We wanted a family pet but we got much more…

It’s always easy to fall in love with a puppy especially if a puppy is like Bounty but we got even more than we expected. With her playfulness, obedience and kindness she became a member of our family. Her behaviour is amazing, calm in the house, reliable during the walks, friendly with other people and very patient with children.

At the beginning we attended to dog shows, went to dog training school and later on we took part in a training specialised in golden retrievers. Turned out soon that she is very outstanding: she won trophies one after the other, she was Inter Champion and Inter show Champion , she won every possible Champion trophy in Hungary and also the Adult and Junior Champion trophies of four other countries. She has retriever ability & working exam, obedience exams and she took part in therapy dog training as well. She is the founder of the kennel which was named after her: Bountyland golden retrievers.

We can say that Bounty completely changed our life. We travelled a lot to European countries to dog shows where from we have a lot of unforgettable memories and new friendships. We gain insights into the world of dog grooming and in 2012 we opened our own dog grooming salon which of course got the name of Bounty Grooming Salon.

After Bounty’s third birthday we thought the time had arrived for her to have puppies. It made us think a lot to find the perfect match for Bounty as we would like to have only a few litters in the future.

We wanted a male dog that is famous worldwide, born in an honoured kennel with balanced behaviour. We have been watching the male dogs for a long time on the shows and finally we found Ashbury Angel Heart „Eliott” in France. We felt at the first time that he is the perfect choice for us: his appearance and behaviour is also fascinating. Eliott one of the world’s most famous golden retriever, he is a real legend.

We hope from this pair we will have outstanding puppies and quality will be our only priority in the future as well. We won’t have many litters in our kennel. We only want puppies from really special couplings.

For us it is really important to find the best warm future homes for the puppies where they can be the part of a loving family. We will try to give as much help as possible to the new owners to create perfect circumstances for their golden retriever puppy.

We wish you to experience the miracle of having such a particular dog.

Vivien Szőke & Kálmán Kárpáti

Bountyland Golden Retrievers